Welcome to my website, as you can probably tell I am in the process of revamping the site design and content.

The plan is for this to reflect my personal interests, skills and experience separating it from my more technically oriented, services and consultancy site Black Heart Software.

I will have this all up and running as soon as I can, projects and work permitting.



I have an interest in photography, especially digital so all the images used on this site have been taken by myself.

I have been using digital cameras since I bought a 3 megapixel Sony in 2000 for a travel site we used to run, allabroad.com. I now basically use whatever is to hand, my phone, an 8 megapixel Sony DSC-W100 or my favourite a Canon EOS 60D.

As well as, mostly, landscape photography I try my hand at product photography taking pictures of art and jewellery for my artist wife’s site Black Heart Scotland¬†and her second hand books site Black Heart Books.


I am a developer and development manager with experience designing, building, deploying and supporting web and desktop applications. I have, over the years worked in sales, sales support, marketing, project management, IT support, training, development, product management, operations, and developer team management.

I have mostly worked on the Microsoft Windows side of the tracks in a range of technologies including Access VBA, Visual Basic (2 to 6), x86 ASM, C, C++, InstallShield and C# but am somewhat agnostic having also crossed the tracks to Apple and Linux for JavaScript, Angular, React, Java, Perl, Swift, etc.


The Folding Stuff

Now I ordinarily avoid actual paper. I like books on my Kindle, my notes and task management in markdown formatted ASCII text files, magazines on iPad and technical articles on the web packaged and emailed to the Kindle.