New chapters and old dogs

The first week has now passed since I stopped going into work after resigning my position and it has been a bit of an odd one.

I intend to take some time off, relax, recharge, learn some new skills and technologies and pursue some new goals but for now I am doing the school runs and taking my wife to her radiotherapy appointments every day.

This takes most of the day; leaving to get the kids to school by nine then to appointments for the rest of the morning getting home often after two, picking up youngest at three and waiting for eldest to get in after four. Most of the day is spent in waiting rooms, queing for car parks, waiting in cars and, occasionally, going for lunch.

However only six more appointments to go and I am not the one getting their head bolted to a table and irradiated with high energy X-Rays.

At some point I hope to stop feeling uncomfortable that I am not actively doing something (earning money?) and start to relax and enjoy a bit of down time with the family, do a bit of gardening and, once the school summer holidays begin, maybe have a bit of a holiday.

I plan to have more time to make origami pieces and items for Alison’s jewellery lines and see if there is anything else I can turn my hand to.

There will be a lot of work on our old house, replacing the boiler, refurbishing the kitchen and generally getting it ready for the rental market.

After that things get more hazy, I will have to do a lot of thinking about whether I want to look for another permanent position, whether to go back to management or development, revert to my previous path, contracting, or even try pursuing a new career outside of IT altogether.

Amongst many other responsibilities I have been managing a Salesforce team and acting as solutions architect for a large international organisation for the last year or more. I think I might try and pass my administrator certificate as a starter for ten while I learn Apex and Salesforce development. Apple Swift is looking interesting as well.

This is a bit of a leap into the unknown or perhaps the next big adventure.

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