Reskinning a Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

A little over a year ago I started to really use my iPad 3 at work taking notes, mind mapping, email, browsing and research and handling all my planning and task management (more on this in another article).

I was finding the onscreen keyboard inadequate and finally convinced myself to buy a Logitech tablet keyboard. It made a huge difference and barring the problem of only having a solar charge panel which sits on the desk in use (would a USB port have been too difficult to add?) it really turned the iPad into a viable work tool for me.

After a few months, the case started to fray around the edges which was irritating and unsightly. Last week I had enough of the fraying, peeling skin on the case and ripped it off.

This week I figured it was worth trying to improve the ugly slightly sticky case by recovering it using everyone’s favourite gaffer tape.

I quite like the finish on it now. It isn’t quite as precise as I had hoped, first attempt and all that, but it does look better in real life than it does in these photos and a lot better than it used to.


I’m betting this skin lasts a lot longer than the last.

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