The Folding Stuff

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Now I ordinarily avoid actual paper. I like books on my Kindle, my notes and task management in markdown formatted ASCII text files, magazines on iPad and technical articles on the web packaged and emailed to the Kindle.

There’s one major exception to my dead tree aversion, Origami paper. I usually buy this online but whilst attending Dreamforce in San-Francisco I found a huge art store selling a wide range of Japanese Washi paper a lot cheaper than in the UK.

Stopping only to buy some brushes and other art materials for Alison I basically filled all the gaps in my suitcase with paper.

These are the spoils. I use it to make the Origami pieces Alison turns into Jewellery.

I’ve still to try the textured and flat foils and a small number of Japanese textured papers dotted with gold and silver leaf.

It always feels a bit sacrilegious cutting them down into the 4cm squares I use to make jewellery pieces.

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